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NXN Capital
NXN Capital is an Asset Management firm with a difference. We are an “at the coal face” investment firm and understand that to make money you need to work hard and take calculated risks. This is where our professionally aggressive attitude towards investment management helps us generate the best short term returns for our clients.
  • NXN Capital Partners is an asset management firm founded by partners Nic Spetsiotis and Nicholas Brett in 2013
  • Over the past three years NXN Capital uses a proprietary process that seeks to profit by employing a highly active short term focused approach to capital allocation
  • Since inception this strategy has yielded annual returns in excess of 25% against a 16% market return
We are as dynamic as the markets in which our client’s investments lie making us well positioned to capitalize on changes in market environments
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The NXN Philosophy
Security pricing is by nature a dynamic process. In working with us you will come to understand our belief that the journey and the destination are equally valuable. Hence we always have an end goal in mind but we focus on the changing markets as we journey to get there. Our view is that:
The apparent randomness of price adjustments is exaggerated by changes in sentiment at a MACRO , SECTOR and Company levels.
In identifying and responding to catalysts that affect the delta in sentiment we create the opportunity to generate compelling risk adjusted returns.



Return Since Inception


Return (YTD 2015)


12 Month Rolling


Sharp Ratio

Return CompOlympusTop 40
Year to date23.8%4.9%
3 Month Rolling2.9%1.8%
12 Month Rolling23.8%4.9%
24 Month Rolling54.7%17.9%
Inception ann.26.3%14.8%
Inception Total113.75%49.6%
Positive Months2824
Negative Months1115
Risk*OlympusTop 40
Std Dev. (Incept)17.0%14.6%
Std Dev. 12 Months13.7%18.5%
Std Dev. 30 Day12.1%15.2%
Sharp Ratio1.210.46
Sortino Ratio2.110.76
r with TOP400.291.00
Max Draw-9.11%-8.3%

The Olympus Fund

The Firm's maiden investment vehicle, the Olympus fund, commenced trading in October 2012 with seed funding from Skybound Capital. The fund was set up to mirror the trading style of Nic Spetsiotis to replicate his success in trading the local market over the last 15 years. The Characteristics of the fund are that it is highly active and opportunistic with a focus on short term motives in liquid securities. With a standard deviation of around 14 our investment vehicle has less volatility than the market.


Nic Spetsiotis
BCOM (Natal University)

Nicolas has spent 17 years in the financial markets, with 13 years as a proprietary equity trader. He started as a private-client portfolio manager in 1997 at Irish Menel Rosenberg, spending four years building the private-client business.

He then handed his private client portfolios over to the listed holding company Appleton in 2001, where he began proprietary equity trading utilising the company balance sheet, and continued to trade for his own account after Appleton was sold to PSG in 2003.

Nicolas continued to successfully trade equities and derivatives principally for a portfolio of private clients from 2004 till he was approached to set up the Olympus trading fund by Skybound Capital.

The excessive returns generated by Nicolas, who was responsible for all research and trading, was the motivation behind the Olympus Equity Hedge Fund. The Olympus fund started trading in October 2012 and NXN Capital Partners (Pty) Ltd was formed with Nic Brett in November 2013.
Nicholas A. Brett
BCOM (UCT 1999)

Joined junior analyst training program at Global Credit Ratings in 2000, went on to cover industrial, telco and construction sectors. Lead analyst in assigning over 40 ratings over a 3 year period. In 2003 moved to New York City and extended analyst role to the BUY side for long short distressed global equity fund Grace LP.

In mid 2005 took up a client centric role as an equity sales trader for institutional equity broker Brimberg & CO LLC. There he oversaw various high-volume accounts for hedge and mutual funds and was tasked with providing analysis of market conditions sector modelling and ETF strategies. Over this time he became a CFA charter holder.

In 2007 took up a role as CIO for a family office overseeing $100m of their alternative asset allocation which he elected to co-manage in-house and by allocating to marquee hedge funds managers. His insistence in diversifying the capital base mitigated investment risk and limited draw downs in the 2008/09 financial crisis.

Brett returned to SA in 2012 where he consulted with various local asset managers on global equity strategies and research ideas before co-founding NXN Capital in 2013.


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